Psst! I’m blogging again, but I’ve moved

Hi Friends!

I told you I couldn’t stay away from writing for too long.  I am writing again under my new blog,

It’s not intended to be a style blog this time around (though I’m sure there will still be the occasional style post), it is just a place I can go to write when I feel the need to share a story or some of my random rambling thoughts.  I don’t expect to have the same readers as I had for Dresses for Julie, but if you’re in it for the stories, then you may enjoy Petit Poisson (back story on the name under the “about” section).  Thanks for reading!

So Long, Farewell

Hi Friends,

As the title indicates, I am putting this blog to rest.  My first year blogging was of course focused on not shopping for a year.  Well, that year came and went and I find myself floundering in year two. Honestly, my readership also declined (while I’m still gaining followers, my views are less than half they were in the first year), so I think most of you can agree with me that I’ve had my time.

For any newbie bloggers or bloggers that want to keep or grow their readership, I have two pieces of advice–networking and consistency. The number of followers does not determine the success of your blog.  It’s easy enough to click that “follow” button, but are they coming back to read?  People like to receive feedback and blogging is very much a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” environment.  If you want faithful readers and comments, you have to be a faithful reader and commenter.  Also, bloggers see through the “great outfit” comments.  Nothing is more disheartening for a blogger than writing a sad or serious post and someone responding with, “great shirt,” clearly indicating they didn’t bother reading your post and that they’re only commenting to have the favor returned.  If you care about having loyal readers (and you may not, several of the blogs I follow just write to keep in touch with close friends and family), you need to be genuine and put in the time to engage.  And really, that’s the part that was most overwhelming for me.  I love, love reading people’s blogs (and I will continue to stalk you all), but that pressure and time commitment was really weighing on me and I’m just not comfortable with pushing out content and not reciprocating the “love.”

I was hoping to hang on through summer, because Ashley and I were excited to take pictures for each other during the slower months (we both work at the same university–and Ashley, I’m still 100% on board for taking your pictures, so don’t you worry), but this blog needs to be put down before it gets any more painful.

Not to leave you completely high and dry, it’s time for a little blog love.  There are two ladies I graduated high school with who have started a blog in the last year or so, and they are both great writers. I swear we had the best high school English teacher. She was relentless and ruthless in teaching us to write (we couldn’t write papers using the “terrible twenties:” is, am, was, were, has, have, had, may, can, must, might, would, could, should, shall, will, do, be, been, are–do you know how hard that is?!).  God bless Mrs. Wright.

Lacey, Kiddos and Kanines – she does the Oklahoma-tough-girl-but-still-girly proud (she’s quite the hunter) and writes about being a mom, a dog trainer, and whatever funny or passionate topic comes to mind.

Melissa,The Savvy Sister – Her tagline reads, “random thoughts and writings for the heck of it.”  She’s a funny and thoughtful lady.

Other blogs:

Molly, Deeproets – she is the sister to my dear friend and college roommate.  She and her husband recently moved their family of 7 to South Africa and she writes about the joys and struggles of homeschooling and raising her family. She has an amazing gift with words.

Alison, My Closet is Full – she also started a blog with the goal of not shopping for a year.  This lovely lady could use some support and encouragement to get through the year!

Melissa, The Fashion Huntress – she has been a faithful supporter and always has great tips on finding the best deals.

My two university friends and fellow bloggers.  Honestly, this is hands down the best thing that came out of having this blog–meeting these two:

Ashley, The Cream to My Coffee

Kristen, Some Kind of Wonderful

My blogger inspiration came from Kendi and Kate, who have been the only two “famous” blogs that have stood the test of time for me and held my attention (I quickly grew tired of the popular blogs pushing out unattainable designer labels).  They both write with humor and honesty, which is what I think draws so many people to them.

To all my readers, thank you so much for reading and for your support. Writing is my preferred form of communication, so I don’t see myself staying away from some kind of writing platform forever, but this is goodbye for DressesforJulie.

We can still keep in touch on Instagram, I’m sure I’ll post the occasional “look what I’m wearing” photo ;) Anyway, I’m really bad with goodbyes, so I’ll just leave you with a doodle when I was brainstorming the concept of this blog:


And, my favorite dress with my favorite guy:


I’ll read you all later.  Love, peace and prosperity (I had to make it weird).  Ciao!

Spring 30X30

As promised, I did one last 30X30 for Spring to complete the four seasons. And, similar to the Fall challenge, I just used my Stylebook app to make them all at once instead of modeling them for you.  I like the instant gratification of doing it this way ;)

Here are my 30 Spring items:

30 items

And here are the 30 looks:


Welcome to the Procrastination Station


striped dress

striped dress2

striped dress3

Someone rode by on their bike and turned around to gawk.  This was the look I gave them:

striped dress4

striped dress5

 Dress: Gap  Shoes: JCP  Belt: F21

Sorry if I’m a little flaky lately, it’s that time of year again.  Working at and attending a university means that the end of the semester is equally busy on both accounts.  I think I finally found my groove in year two of grad school, working and blogging.  I’ve decided that I am a very organized procrastinator.  That’s right.  I’m a great planner and love making lists and having every detail perfectly laid out, but the actual execution of it is not going to happen until the last possible minute.  My mind is a blank slate until the pressure kicks it into gear.  While I would say I’ve improved on the small things (like completing weekly homework assignments during the beginning of the week), the bigger and more important the project is, the more I’m going to procrastinate.   I tell Phen procrastinating saves me from boredom, which ultimately saves money.  If I don’t have anything I need to be doing and we’re just sitting at home, I’m ready to climb the walls.  However, if there’s a paper looming over my head, all of a sudden I find great joy and excitement out of vacuuming the rug or even staring blankly at a wall.  For hours.  It’s amazing how that works.

Say it: I’m not in Kansas anymore








Dress: H&M  Shoes: Newport News (now Spiegal)

Good to know I have a costume ready for Halloween, because according to Phen, I just need a little black dog (which I do have and am kicking myself for not incorporating) and I’d be set.

The styling made this a little Dorothy-esque, but I love this dress.  Not to be ironic, but it is one of the few dresses that made it into my tornado bag.  That’s right, it’s tornado season in Oklahoma and I always pack a bag with irreplaceable keepsakes (most of them being from my grandparents), and drag it down into the shelter.  There are a few clothing items that make their way into the bag, but I will tell you, when you stop to evaluate your closet and determine what you would be devastated to lose, it’s kind of eye-opening. And depressing.  I mean, clothes should never have that much importance, but I was just completely ok with the idea of 99% of my wardrobe being strewn about the state, never to be returned again.  I think that’s a good shopping check to have in your head–ask yourself if it’s something you would want to save in a natural disaster ;)


Fort Worth Zoo

In January when I turned 30 and Phen was asking what I would like to do, Fort Worth Zoo was the first thing to spring to my mind (doesn’t every 30 year old want to go to the zoo for their birthday?)  Ever since I saw this clip last year of baby Belle trying to get into her little swimming pool (cuteness overload alert), I wanted to see her in person.  And when just a month later another baby elephant was born at the same zoo, I was even more determined to go.  Fort Worth is about three hours away and we couldn’t go last year because of my mother-in-law’s health, so we had to wait until this year.  I told Phen as soon as the weather got nice enough, I wanted to go.  We went over Spring break and even though it was a little rainy and dreary, this trip seriously made my dreams come true.




Is there anything cuter than a baby elephant? I didn’t think so.



Some of my other favorite animals





This rhino may have partied a little too hard…


I kept saying, “I didn’t think sting rays were this hard!” Um, turns out they’re crabs so…


Phen and I dubbed this the best funnel cake we ever had


You can’t really see them, but I’m posing by the cheetahs in hopes of impressing them with my skirt.


Since this is “technically” a fashion blog, let’s discuss my outfit.  First of all, obviously I had to wear animal print.  I couldn’t bring myself to go the jeans and t-shirt route, but I still wanted to be comfortable and practical for a lot of walking.


I had to put vanity aside and go for flats.  I chose what I thought were comfortable shoes.  Turns out they had never stood the test of this much walking before:


I carried on though and we managed to visit every exhibit.  My favorite of course, were the elephants :)

Dallas Part I – Bugatti’s




Dress: Gap ($10!) Shoes: Wal Mart  Clutch: CR

You guys, this dress is my favorite.  It feels very 60s mod and I love everything about it.  And the best part is that it was ten dollars. I wore this for what we considered to be my “official” 30th birthday dinner (my birthday was actually back in January, but we waited until the weather got a little nicer before taking this trip).  We had no idea where we wanted to eat and there are simply too many places to choose from.  Since my favorite food is Italian, we thought we’d take a chance and look for a good Italian restaurant.  When you hear “Texas” probably the last place you think of to eat is Italian, but Bugatti Ristorante was absolute perfection. The owner, staff, ambiance, and food were all divine.  We read lots of positive reviews about Bugatti’s before we took a chance calling in a last minute reservation on a Saturday night.  The owner, Zee, answered the phone and told us he would gladly make room for us.  He called us both by our first names and checked on us throughout the evening.  He even pulled out both of our chairs and dropped the napkin into our laps.  Fancy, schmancy.




Our waiter kept trying to guess the design of my clutch.  At first he was convinced it was Chanel, but I just kept smiling and shaking my head.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him it was a Charlotte Russe $20 special–and it was the most expensive part of my outfit!



The chocolate mousse paired with their cappuccino for dessert was HEAVEN.


We ate until we were completely miserable, which is unusual for me.  I’m a stickler about eating only until I’m satisfied, which often means dividing my portions into thirds, but we totally engorged ourselves.  And, the pain and discomfort afterwards was worth every bite.  If you are ever in the Dallas area, Bugatti’s is a must.