One Piece Many Ways: The Midi Pleated Skirt (Day 211)

Linking up with Putting Me Together for the One Piece Many Ways challenge, I chose my yellow pleated midi skirt because let’s be honest, the midi is an awkward length for anyone under 6 feet tall, so I put my thinking cap on and defied it’s impracticality by creating five different looks:


Break it down *cue music*

Exhibit A:





My hubby couldn’t decide if I was going for a little Spanish flair here, Little House on the Prairie, or if this was my proper librarian getup.  All I can say is, pink and yellow warm my soul.  And someone bring me some tea and crumpets, stat!

Exhibit B:





Sunflowers? Crop top? The 90s are calling.  But that’s ok, because 90s are the new 80s.  I remember when crop tops were around the first time.  I was in the 6th grade and everyone was wearing them.  Except for me.  Luckily, I wasn’t one to beg for clothes “like everyone else was wearing,” and I was painfully modest anyway.  We’re talking “wear three shirts so no one can see my training bra lines” kind of modest here.  And look at me now, flaunting that little strip of skin.  No telling what fashion risks I’ll be taking in my 50s.  Funny story about these sunflowers.  They were at someone’s house about a block away from us.  The couple inside were having a loud domestic dispute, but I took my chances.  Phen kept saying, “hurry and smile so we can get out of here before they come out with a shotgun.”

Exhibit C:





Would you judge me if I told you that this top is actually my nightgown?  Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t…but if it is my nightgown, isn’t it nice that all I have to do is remove the skirt and slip straight into bed? I’d call that a win. A hypothetical win of course.

Exhibit D:




Yo, yo, yo.  And that’s all I have to say about my motorcycle-vest-meets-grandma’s-skirt action.

Exhibit E:





Shouldn’t I be doing the salsa?  This was not the scarf I intended to use, but of course I couldn’t find the one that I wanted.  Also, I should have skipped the lazy and finished buckling my shoes, but I’m over it so you should be too.

So let’s talk about the midi skirt.  I tried to pair it with some flats and sandals and it was a definite no-no.  I think the trick with this length is to make your legs look as long as possible and be mindful of proportions.

Hope you enjoyed the show.  That’ll be a virtual buck fifty.  Thanks for playing.