DSCN0524I’m Julie, a Canadian living in Oklahoma who is understandably confused.

So, why a style blog?

For me, creating a look is an art form that scratches the need-to-create itch.  And writing is my preferred form of communication, which serves as another much needed creative outlet.  In reality, I’m super shy and awkward.  The awkward part might be obvious, but the shyness, well…I usually just cover it up with more awkwardness.

What are your intentions toward this blog?

My intent is to write about whales, obviously.  Save them all.

I also intend to write about my questionable fashion sense, and probably overshare about my life because that’s what shy people do online when they’re scared to talk to “real” people.

The first year will be focused on my journey as a recovering shopaholic.  A look at my overflowing closets during winter break convinced me it would be “fun” not to buy any shoes or clothes for a year.

Tell me about yourself:

I have been married to my best friend since December 2007.  His name is Stephen, or “Phen” as I call him, and guess what? I didn’t meet him online!  We met at a wedding, exchanged numbers, and then dated online.  Progress, people.

Phen and I don’t have children because we’re actually ten year olds playing house.   Any day they’re going to catch us masquerading as an adult married couple and send us back home to our parents with a spanking.

 We love fur babies!  Rescued is our favorite breed and we currently have three cats and one crazy mess of a dog.

I work as Administrative Assistant by day, and Crazy Pajama Cat Lady by night.  I love dinosaurs, freckle faces, and riding my bike in frilly dresses.  I have a short attention span and am completely reward orientated (wash dishes = deserve new dress).

I moonlight as a grad student and am working on my masters in Library and Information Studies so I can become a librarian.

What’s your style shtick?

If I had to label my personal style, I would call it “Quirky Elegance.” A little Zooey, a little Audrey.  I love classic lines and pieces with a touch of whimsy.  I don’t claim to be on the up and up in fashion, and designer labels don’t excite me (that’s my way of saying they are unattainable on a secretary’s budget), so this style blog is for the everyday girl like me (don’t pretend you’re not out there).  This of course refers to my daytime style. On evenings and weekends I will be found in all interpretations of fleece.  I call it, “Birth Control.”

Too much? Welcome to my blog.

15 thoughts on “About

    • haha, no. I leave it up there so I can look at it longingly and remember the day I had a good hair day. I’ve never been able to get it that shade of red since or been able to get it to style the same way. At least I have proof that it actually happened though. Sigh.

  1. Not sure if you still check your blog, but wanted to say that I hope you are doing well! I know we all miss reading your hilarious posts and seeing your outfits of the day (and you joining me in how awkward blog photo taking can really get). hugs! xo

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