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I said I wouldn’t be doing posts on Fridays until my class is over.  I lied.

I actually got a big jump on my project due this weekend, so I feel like I can spare some time to share some blog love.

In fashion blogging land who doesn’t follow Kendi, Kate and Julia?  I follow about 30 of these “big name” blogs and manage them on bloglovin’ so I don’t miss a single post.  Does that mean I don’t have a life?  Don’t answer that.  Anyway, I just wanted to recognize some of the small timers and blogger newbies like myself.  Little blogs need love too, ya know.

I’m not going to review all of the blogs on my blogroll (they’re all great though), but I want to highlight a few:

Rebecca did this a while back for me, and I’m long overdo in recognizing her for being not just a faithful reader and commenter, but for writing really interesting and informative posts. She’s about to turn in her thesis, so wish her luck!

Wearing it on My Sleeves is not that small, but Sarah is absolutely hysterical.  She also has that retro vibe I love so well and sews and alters a lot of her clothes with step-by-step tutorials. Her blog led me to Flossie who has a similar and uh-mazing vintage style.

Yesterday I discovered this life-altering site, the Dating Divas (also not small). They offer affordable, SUPER creative ideas for things to do with your significant other (mind. out. of. gutters). Phen and I are always complaining about wanting to do stuff together, but not having the funds to back it up, so this is perfect.  Each date includes printables and recipes.  Folks, I’m about to get romantic (pronounced romanic, the “t” is silent to express the level of my feelings).  Prepare yourselves, because I plan on dragging you along with me as I light the candles and strike the fiddle for my hubby (and by “dragging” I mean photo highlighting our dates, not setting up a webcam so you can watch us, ya creepsters).  He has no idea what he’s about to be in store for (there is one date specifically designed for a bookstore.  The writer mentions that her hubby hates to read and this is so my situation.  Getting Phen in a bookstore and having fun?  Yes, please.)

Anyway, a big thank you to the readers of my baby blog.  Not to be confused with blogs about babies.  But while we’re here, there’s something I need to tell you.  Phen and I are expecting…

…to microchip our kitties.  We got them all from shelters before micro chipping was a thing, and with stuff like tornados happening, we want to be able to find our fur babies if they get, you know, thrown across town or something.

There are gazillions of blogs out there to choose from and only so much time in a day, thank you so much for sharing some of that time with me.

Happy weekending and Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies.

2 thoughts on “Blog Love

  1. Aw, thanks for the mention! Yay for having a teeny bitty blog, eh? :D

    And sadly I’m not on Bloglovin’ (can I admit that without being ostracized?!). I fear I may have to join soon as Google Reader is shortly going to be defunct.

    • ohhh, you better get on it! :D if you don’t follow that many blogs it’s not that big of a deal. But if you do, it’s pretty handy to have every new post from all the blogs you follow pop up in one place.

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